Meet Kathryn


Kathryn E. Dykas,  M.Ed.

Hello, I’m Kathryn! Owner and founder of KD College Counseling. I’m so happy you landed here!

Most days you can find me working from my laptop in Colorful Colorado, which was not always the case! I am typically meeting with students virtually, and supporting their college search journey with words of encouragement, a solid plan, and a hint of humor. I am mostly known for my passion for serving students, and the ability to meet students where they are. I offer a safe space to ask questions, get engaged, and guide each student to do the work!

People often refer to me as the mentor they never knew they needed and I love when a student tells me they don’t know what they would do without me. But let’s be honest, they had the skills all along, it just takes a little coaching.

I love serving the world by helping parents and students through the college process. I help awesome moms and dads realize they don’t actually need to do it all; you can outsource college applications to someone else! Hate editing essays? Great! There is someone who will do the work for you! I am lucky to give parents the gift of time because when they choose to let someone else organize and do the work, the stress dissipates, tensions aren’t as high, and conversations at the dinner table are a lot more tolerable.

I coach students who struggle with confidence in the college application process, and can’t figure out where to start. It’s no secret that this process is stressful, I’ve been there too! One thing I always grappled with was learning how to talk about myself in my essays. Seriously, it’s not something that comes naturally! But I am lucky to remind students just how amazing they are, what they are capable of, and how to translate that into comprehensive and meaningful paragraphs for someone to read.

I will leave you with five things that may help you get to know me even better.

  1. I used to be a college admissions counselor, and have probably read over 2500 essays!

  2. I have my master’s in counseling and have worked as a school counselor in both private and public high schools.

  3. I live in Colorado but grew up on the East Coast, so I’ve got that laid-back vibe but the “let’s work hard and get things done” mentality.

  4. I taught a few courses at George Washington University in Washington, DC. I loved engaging college freshmen in the classroom, and watching them grow.

  5. For over two years, I have been teaching yoga and recently became a certified group fitness instructor. I believe in the power of movement and connecting mind to body.

Still reading? Let’s connect! You can continue the conversation with me by opting into my email list below, or find me on my Facebook page at @kdcollegecounseling. Can’t wait to meet you!