Get ready to take control of the college search process.


KD College Counseling brings clarity and change to conquering the college search process. Kathryn transforms a complicated process into one where you feel supported and empowered to make educated decisions about your child's future. KD College Counseling inspires and motivates students, guiding them to explore, discover, and develop a list of schools they love. The process will reveal your student's strengths and unique characteristics, shaping who he or she is thus enhancing his or her college applications. Kathryn serves her families with the utmost care, assisting them in visualizing the best future for their child.

Kathryn sees a world where students can find the college search process exciting and empowering, understanding that the right fit in a college is not solely based on a school’s name or status.  A true college fit is discovered through academic and social characteristics where a student feels supported to be him or herself, and generates excitement of entering into a new and vibrant community, one that assists in shaping the best version of your child. Kathryn's vision is one that sees students and their parents working together in a stress-free environment, where they are provided with information both efficiently and effectively, a process that leaves families feeling optimistic. The college process doesn't need to be overwhelming, there is a match for everyone! 


Why Choose a Private College Counselor?

Your student needs to be the priority. Many high schools have counselors who work with students. Unfortunately, just like Kathryn experienced as a school counselor, it is increasingly difficult to spend enough time with individual students and provide them with the attention they deserve in the college process.

That's where Kathryn comes in, making your student the priority. With experience in admissions, school counseling, and master's degree in counseling, Kathryn is unique in this field. Knowing exactly what goes into the college search and admissions process, she combines her experiences to provide specialized perspectives and capabilities that incorporate stress management and organizational skills. As a private college counselor, she provides support and expertise specific to you and your student, from freshman year all the way through high school graduation.

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KD College Counseling offers the following services:

  • Building a college list
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume building
  • College essay editing and support
  • Supplemental essays editing and support
  • Understanding the Common Application
  • Understanding the Coalition Application
  • Freshman, sophomore, and junior plans
  • Stress and anxiety management skills
  • Organizational skills sessions
  • Breaking down Financial Aid
  • Transitional consultations
  • ...and so much more! 

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Who is KD College Counseling?

KD College Counseling was founded by Kathryn E. Dykas, M.Ed.  With over ten years of experience in college admissions, public high school counseling, and private high school college counseling, Kathryn realized that she wanted to be able to work with students and their families in a setting that allowed her to get to know the student better.   


Take the stress out of the college search & planning process. 


Wide Network, Effective Process

Kathryn's expertise in counseling, college advising, and college admissions makes her the perfect fit to take you and your child through an organized, efficient, and effective college admissions process.  Kathryn has worked with college admissions professionals throughout the years, giving her a wide network and deep insights into the process.  Find out what they are saying!