Take the stress out of the college search process.

When you're stressing over how to get into college, it helps to have an expert partner guide you through the process.

KD College Counseling empowers high school students and their families in their quest to conquer the stressful and chaotic college search process, serving families with the utmost care and providing them with the tools necessary to succeed. 

The path to choosing a private college counselor.

WHy choose a private college counselor

Your student needs to be the priority. Unfortunately, just like Kathryn experienced as a school counselor, it is increasingly difficult to spend enough time with individual students and provide them with the attention they deserve, and ultimately need, in the college process.

That's where KD College Counseling comes in, Kathryn makes your student the priority. With experience in admissions, school counseling, special education and a master's degree in counseling, Kathryn is one-of-a-kind in this field. Knowing exactly what goes into the college search and admissions process, she combines her experiences to provide specialized perspectives and capabilities that incorporate stress management and organizational skills. As your personal college counselor, she provides support and expertise specific to you and your student.

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Wide Network, Effective Process

Kathryn has worked with college admissions professionals, students, families, and non-profits allowing for a wide network and deep insights into the process. Find out what they are saying!

Who is KD College Counseling?

KD College Counseling was founded by Kathryn E. Dykas, M.Ed.  With over eleven years of experience in college admissions, school counseling, and private high school college counseling, Kathryn realized that she wanted to be able to work with families in a setting that allowed her to be more accessible to students and get to know them better.  


KD College Counseling offers a variety of affordable services to meet the needs of every family.

  • Building a college list

  • Interview preparation

  • Resume assistance

  • College essay editing and support

  • Understanding Common Application and Coalition

  • Transitional consultations

  • ...and so much more!

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