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Working with a college counselor.

How it works

KD College Counseling does things differently than other counselors. Kathryn understands that each parent, each child, and each family situation is unique. That is exactly why she only offers hourly sessions to every family. Kathryn does not charge for (or offer!) comprehensive packages. This allows you, as the family, to make this an affordable experience. Your hours may include essay editing, application review and edits, supplemental essay assistance, interview prep, resume building, etc. You don’t have to tell Kathryn up front everything that you want, but she will have a pretty good idea of what you might need. And the best part? You get to create an experience that fits you!

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custom college experience

This is a build-able option that gives Kathryn the ability to meet your needs and allows you to create as you go. This option simplifies the college search process, while providing a creative, unique, and organized experience.

Some ideas of services you can add to your custom experience are:

  • interest survey (both parent and student!)

  • building the college list

  • planning college visits

  • interview preparation

  • essay brainstorming and editing

  • supplemental essay planning and editing

  • full comprehensive review of admissions
    packages that are offered to your student

The Confidence experience

High school is not an easy journey. Typically in our first two years of high school it can be hard to find the confidence we need to do our very best. The Confidence Experience helps students to do just that! The goal is to come away from this experience with self-awareness, and learn how to engage in classes, with teachers, and become involved in the community, striving to be the best version of themselves that they love.

Some ideas of services you can add to your experience are:

  • student interest inventory

  • course selection

  • organizational skills & strategies

  • test prep selection

  • building confidence: feeling comfortable in the classroom (asking questions, being bold - standing up for yourself!)

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