If you are looking for a college counselor who is professional, knowledgeable, and fully dedicated to helping you find the best college fit, you’ve come to the right person!
— Heather; Admissions Professional

Happy Professionals. Happy Students. Happy Families.


[Kathryn] is without a doubt the best counselor I’ve ever had. Not only did she get me through the whole college process senior year, but she also helped me through my own personal struggles and was not only my counselor but my friend through it all. I’m glad that we’ve stayed connected even beyond high school and I️'m truly blessed to have her in my life!  

— natalie; a happy student

Kathryn's presentation on the college application process was in-depth and captivating. Her knowledge and background in both college admissions and school counseling allowed my staff to ask difficult questions and gain clarity on college admissions topics that we would otherwise struggle to find answers to. Thanks to Kathryn's expertise, my staff feels more confident and prepared to guide students through the college admissions process. Thank you for the work that you do to make junior/senior year easy sailing!

-Emily; Programs Coordinator

Kathryn has an amazing breadth and depth of experience in education, college admission, and counseling.  She is genuinely invested in getting to know students and their families on an individual basis, and her warm personality will without a doubt create a sense of comfort, ease, and reassurance throughout your college search process.  At the same time, her passion and enthusiasm will make the experience fun and enjoyable.  You’ll be glad to have Kathryn on your team as you navigate this incredibly important step in your educational journey!

- heather; Admissions professional

Picking a university that was right for me was the most important and tough decision I have had to make. [Kathryn's] ongoing support and guidance lead me to make a decision that I am proud of. Her ability to recognize the individual needs of her students and help them find a university that is right for them is a considerable talent of hers, and I am grateful for it everyday. 

-Antonia; A happy student